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Shore Thing

Diving Squad Rating:


9.6 / 10

Shore Thing is a new Australian liveaboard that’s ideal for beginners and those who prefer being in a small group. 

She tours Ningaloo Reef, a location that is as beautiful below water as it is above. 

Great for: Whale Watching, Manta Ray Photography, Newbie Divers, Snorkelers, Small Groups, Couples, Friends 

Trip Lengths: 4 – 10 days

Max Guest Capacity: 10

Operates: All year


Shore Thing tours Ningaloo Reef, an isolated stretch of coral along the north-western coast of Australia and UNESCO National Marine Park. 

This is one of the best places to spot Whale Sharks in the world! Divers can also spot Dugongs and Dolphins as well as assist in photography identification of Manta Rays. 

Ningaloo reef is 260km long and presents beautiful coral gardens that are teeming with sharks, turtles and reef fish. 

From June – October, Humpback Whales visit the Ningaloo Coast, en-route via their annual migration from Antartica to their breeding grounds off the Kimberley – the crew will help you look for and spot them!

There are 3, 5 and 9 day trips; all of these visit areas that only Shore Thing has access to. Divers can enjoy shipwrecks, pelagic cleaning stations, turtle feeding zones and reef nurseries. Plus, there is a lot of snorkelling throughout! 

Additional activities throughout include beach exploration, kayaking, fishing and various other land excursions, which differ for each trip.

Shore Thing is the ultimate liveaboard for those seeking a more personal experience as she takes a maximum of just ten guests. She is owner operated with an aim to deliver unforgettable experiences off Australia’s coral coast. 

There are two stateroom cabins with ensuite facilities and two deluxe cabins with shared facilities. Guests can relax in the indoor salon and dining room or out on the hammocks to enjoy the sea breeze and views.

Final Verdict: 

The boat is nice and modern, although the cabins only really have enough space for the beds and the indoor saloon feels a little basic. But outside, the hammocks are a really nice touch and you get amazing views!

Shore Thing is one of the only few options with which to explore the phenomenal Ningaloo Reef and unlike the other options, which are day trips; she can take you further out and to exclusive zones! 

If your number one priority is truly discovering the best of Ningaloo Reef, in a way that few other people ever will, you should definitely consider signing up with Shore Thing. 

If you didn’t dive or snorkel, you could find yourself getting a little bored on the boat, although there are still a fair amount of cool land missions. For those who do dive and snorkel however, this will be a guaranteed awesome experience. 

Other Features:

  • Sundeck

  • Indoor saloon

  • Bar

  • Al fresco dining

  • Daily housekeeping

  • Camera station 

  • Seaview cabins

  • Western and local food

  • Vegetarian and vegan options

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