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Seafari Explorer

Diving Squad Rating:


9 / 10

Seafari Explorer might just have the most beautiful interior of any mid-priced Maldives liveaboard. 

This is a great vessel for exploring the central Maldives, thanks to her professional crew and exciting routes. 

Seafari also runs several trips to other Maldives regions. However, these other trips have been somewhat confusingly named. Read on to find out why!

Great for: Central Routes, South, North, Hot-Tub, Beautiful Interior, Kayaks, Stand-up Paddleboards, Free WiFi

Trip Lengths: 7 – 10 Nights

Max No. of Guests: 24

Operates: Throughout the Year


The Routes:

  • Central Atolls: A highly popular route! Explores Male, Ari and Vaavu atolls. Expect many reef sharks, manta rays, turtles and other big pelagics amidst a varied underwater terrain of pinnacles, walls and caves; with lots of  drift dives. 7 nights.
  • The Central & South Atolls:It does cover the central atolls: Male, Ari and Vaavu. However, the only south atoll featured is Meemu. A better name for this trip would be “central atolls & one south atoll”. However, it’s still a very well organised and enjoyable dive safari! 10 nights.
  • North Atolls: Travels from Male to Baa atoll. A good mix of north and some central atolls.7 nights.
  • Special Deep South Atolls: Explores the central region (male, vaavu, ari) and all the major south atolls (meemu, laamu and thaa). But does not cover any of the deep south (Fuvahmulah, Huvadhu or Addu). 10 nights.

With respect to which regions they explore, Seafari Explorers dive trips haven’t been confusingly named on purpose! 

It’s like this: The Maldives can be divided into five regions: central, south, deep south, north and far north.

Which atolls are contained within each region is classified using the same system by the vast majority of liveaboards and dive resorts. This classification system is described in the “regions and routes” section of our Maldives liveaboards home page

However, Seafari Explorer uses a different classification system to describe which atolls comprise which Maldives regions. It considers the Maldives central and inner south as all of it’s south and it considers it’s south as it’s deep south!

Rest assured that the trips are not misleadingly named on purpose and still include some of the most exciting and famous dive sites in the entire Maldives. 

At any rate, for all trips, guests require their advanced open water certification and a minimum of 50 logged dives. 

The Liveaboard:

Seafari Explorer’s wooden interior is perhaps the most beautiful of any Maldives liveaboard. 

Located on the main deck; the stylish and spacious restaurant is equipped with modern art, excellent lighting and many large windows.

The restaurant leads out to the indoor air conditioned saloon which has a small library, plenty of plush furniture and yet more views. 

Outside of the indoor saloon, one will find the partially shaded al-fresco dining area and more seating. 

On the upper deck, there’s a partially shaded open air lounge and going up from this is the large sundeck with a big jacuzzi and plenty of sun loungers!

The cabins of Seafari are all equipped with ensuite bathrooms and ac with options for two single beds, a double or a double plus one single bed. Some have ocean views.

Seafari Explorer is an extremely spacious and comfortable yacht to enjoy a diving safari from, particularly for experienced divers who want to discover some of the Maldives more challenging dive sites. 

There are also onboard kayaks and stand up paddleboarding, plus guests can also enjoy land excursions, a beach bbq and free WiFi during their trip. 

This is one of the very best liveaboards for discovering some of the best areas of the Maldives, whilst staying on an extremely luxurious and spacious vessel, for a reasonable price!

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Other Reviews:

Tigran MRussia
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"Diving was organized very well, especially night diving with Mantas and the other one with nuse sharks. The boat is comfortable, the cabins are roomy. There's even a bathtube and separate shower in th bathroom"!
Darija SSlovenia
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"Seafary Exolorer gave me opportunity to spend my vacation with the manager of the boat and whole crew, who really care of the guests. The cabins are spatious, good diving spots".
Cihan BGermany
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"The dive sites are awesome and the crew is well organized. Diving at night with nurse sharks was great again and we could see a lot of other sharks and Mantas. The cabins are very nice with much place and everything is well organized".

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