Largest Luxury Maldives Liveaboard: White Pearl

At 56.4 meters long, White Pearl is the fastest, largest super-yacht in the Maldives; built in 2020, it is also one of the newest. 

This luxury liveaboard boasts a spa, swimming pool, 2 jacuzzis, 2 bars, gym, cafe and an entertainment salon with games consoles, gym equipment and business centre. 

Guests can look forward to many extra activities including yoga, massages, multiple beach barbecues, jet skis, kayaks, SUP boards and more. 

Great for: Luxury, Amazing Cabins, Extra Activities, Delicious Food, Excellent Customer Service, Awesome Dive Itineraries

Trip Lengths: 5 – 10 Nights (but most trips are 7 nights).

Max Guests: 26

Price: $$$ (Luxury Range)

White Pearl at sea
White Pearl: Maldives liveaboard diving doesn't get better than this

It would be hard to overstate just how massive the White Pearl is! It is the only Maldives liveaboard to have a swimming pool and entertainment salon and 1 of only 2 liveaboards to have a spa and gym (the other being ScubaSpa Yang). 

The swimming pool (which includes a jacuzzi) is at the bow of the main deck. It has incredible nighttime lighting and is adjacent to a shaded outdoor bar with Plasma TV and bar stools. 

Leading in from here is the indoor saloon and dining area where a huge variety of Maldivian and International Cuisine is served buffet style: guest reviews frequently cite food aboard the White Pearl as being of extremely high quality both in taste and presentation style. 

Continuing on towards the stern of the boat is the entertainment salon with games consoles, HD Satellite TV and business centre with guest access computers. There is also a gym with rowing machine, dumbbells, benches and mattresses. For an extra fee, guests can enjoy guided yoga sessions. 

Up on the next level lies the sundeck as well as another bar and lounge area with many pads and reclining chairs plus numerous massage tables. 

The 13 guest cabins are all absolutely massive and have satellite HD TV sets, heaps of storage space, aircon and ensuite bathrooms. The most luxurious of these is the Master Suite which has a Kingsize bed, bunk bed, ocean view window, lounge with TV, work desk and massive ensuite bathroom with a bathtub.

There is a huge storage room for scuba diving gear plus camera station at the bow of White Pearl; however diving actually takes place from the large dhoni which has plenty of space for gear storage and kitting up. 

White Pearl explores the Central Maldives – this is actually the most famous region of the country for divers. It’s good for manta rays and many sharks including grey reef, whitetip reef, nurse, tiger and whale sharks. The friendly dive guides are very experienced and knowledgable about the marine life and will keep you safe.

Diving highlights include night dives with manta rays at fespu lagoon, Alimantha jetty night dive with 100 nurse sharks, channel dives with hundreds of grey reef sharks, feeding frenzies and many more fascinating and varied dive sites over a dramatic underwater landscape of many coral coated pinnacles, walls and reefs. 

White Pearl also includes an insane amount of extra activities on every trip. There are usually 2 beach barbecues (whereas on other Maldives liveaboards it is just 1), a trip to an island for evening cocktails, inflatable pools, kayaks, SUP boards, massages, yoga, a traditional music performance and jet skis!

If you’re looking for the biggest, baddest liveaboard with the most space, the most extra activities and truly premium services, White Pearl is an absolutely incredible option with which to discover Maldives diving. 

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