Cheap South Red Sea w. Double Cabins: Tillis

Tillis is one of the few low-cost liveaboards to offer trips to the South Red Sea; where divers may come face to face with Oceanic Whitetip & Hammerhead Sharks, Manta Rays and Dolphins. 

The main difference between Tillis and JP Marine; two cheap liveaboards exploring the South Red Sea; is that whilst Tillis is slightly more expensive than JP Marine, it offers some double bed cabins; whereas all cabins on JP Marine are twin singles. 

Aboard Tillis, Guests can choose from lower and top twin single cabins or the 3 honeymoon suites with double beds, mini-bars and entertainment system. 

All cabins feature ensuite bathrooms, air conditioning, plenty of storage space and some cabins also have windows. 

For social areas, there are 2 outside terraces; one for sunbathing and one with an outdoor bar and partially shaded lounge area. 

As with all liveaboards, Tillis also has an air-conditioned indoor saloon, bar and dining area where can look forward to 3 meals a day of tasty Egyption and Western Cuisine. 

The staff are very friendly and helpful; guests will feel pampered with the daily housekeeping, exquisite food and highly experienced dive guides. 

Tillis operates a variety of unique itineraries around the South Red Sea, the most popular of which is the “Daedalus, Fury Shoals & Elphinstone – Shark Triangle” route through the South Red Sea Region. 

That said, althoguh Tillis is best known for operating trips to the South Red Sea and being one of the cheapest liveaboards to do so, at certain times of year this liveaboard also goes up to the North Red Sea which is famous for many incredible shipwrecks and beginner friendly dive sites. 

If you’re looking for a budget friendly liveaboard, especially one that explores the South Red Sea; yet has double bed cabins, Tillis is an excellent choice. 

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