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Putri Papua

Diving Squad Rating:


7.4 / 10

This is as affordable as it a cheap Komodo liveaboard gets! You won’t find a cheaper option than Putri Papua!

That said, the dive itinerary is still of a very high quality and the boat itself; whilst basic and subsequently lacking in some areas is still enough to be comfortable on. 

Great for: Cheapest Possible Option, Night Dives, Couples, Single Traveller. 

Trip Lengths: 8 days

Max Group Size: 9

Operates: All year

Putri Papua departs from and finishes at Labuan Bajo. Diving is mainly focused around the central region of komodo which is the most famous area of the national park and has great variety in terms of marine life and types of dives – drift, macro, wall and cave diving are all possible here.

There’s also a few dives up north, which is known for having the most varied and dramatic underwater topography; with towering pinnacles, epic wall dives and underwater caves. 

You’ll get many opportunities to dive with manta rays, with dive sites like “manta point”, “manta alley” and “crystal rock” being featured on the itinerary.  Plus, there’s the chance for four night dives throughout this trip! You only get more night dives with Queenesia, which is the second cheapest option. 

This route also features a visit the Ranger Station on Rinca island to come face to face with the legendary Komodo Dragons. In addition to this, there will be a beach bbq at some point throughout the trip. 

Putri Papua is a 26 meter long, traditional schooner which caters to 9 guests in 5 cabins, all of which feature air conditioning and an ensuite bathroom. 

There are 4 double or twin options, plus one single option with a double bed, ideal for a lone traveller. It would be nice if there were cabin options with ocean views like on Kira Kira and La Unua, but at the price your paying these cabins are surprisingly comfortable and spacious nonetheless!

For dive facilities there’s 10 gear stations, a camera setup and charging area and showers on the dive platform. 

Inside, there is a fan cooled lounge with tv, cd and dvd player and a dining area, from which to enjoy the freshly prepared western and Indonesian dishes. 

There’s also a sundeck from which to enjoy the sea breeze whilst taking in the surrounding views. 

You get what you pay for with Putri Papua. It’s the cheapest liveaboard to operate around komodo and subsequently is lacking in some areas. 

Here’s what Putri Papua doesn’t have: kayaks, paddleboards, wakeboarding, snorkelling equipment or massage services. For these, check out La Unua, Busy Girl or Kira Kira, with the latter having the most. 

What Putri Papua does have is the means for you to discover the insane marine biodiversity of Komodo. If you’re on a budget, this should be your main priority anyway!

The dive itinerary is great for discovering the central and to a lesser extent northern regions of komodo and you certainly get your bang for your buck with the 4 night dives. Plus you get to visit the komodo dragons. 

Guest Reviews:

Simone HAustria
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"The great Dive Sites, thanks to our Divemasters. They did a great Job. Also thanks to the Crew. The Food was awesome and the Rooms were nice and clean".
David DUnited Kingdom
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"Some of the best diving I have done ever. The fish life was outstanding. The boat and crew were both excellent".
Soc Ting HMalaysia
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"There was only 3 divers on the boat and almost all the sites we went we have the dive sites to our own".

Toby B from the United States said:

?Well organized trip from pickup to drop off. Filled schedule to maximize diving, and the variety of sites selected was very nice. Crew were friendly and boat was spacious, given that there were only 5 passengers”.

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