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October 1, 2021

Generally speaking, budget Maldives liveaboards don’t offer as many onboard amenities or extra experiences as mid-price and luxury options. Activities like water-sports, yoga and massage treatment – and onboard amenities such as spas, gyms and hot tubs will be hard to come by on most budget liveaboards. 

Some cheap Maldives liveaboards do have one or even two of these extra activities / onboard amenities; but few have more than that, whereas many mid-price Maldives liveaboards and luxury Maldives liveaboards do. 

The one exception to this is, Soleil 2 – our favourite cheap Maldives liveaboard – it has many great amenities!

However, regarding the quality of diving trips, cheap Maldives liveaboards can be just as good as more expensive options!

The cheap Maldives liveaboards run a variety of exciting routes through the different Maldivian regions including the most popular central areas as well as the more off the beaten track southern and northern regions!

(RE LIVEABOARD ROUTES: Refer to our main page on Maldives diving for detailed descriptions of each region and atoll).

  • Soleil 2 boasts a jacuzzi, spa, yoga and one of it’s cabins even has a private balcony – yet this is the second cheapest Maldives liveaboard of them all! ROUTES: Central / Central, South & Deep South / Central and South.
  • Amba is the cheapest Maldives liveaboard, yet has excellent cabins  and plenty of social zones. Trips include an island visit, a beach bbq and stand-up paddle-boarding. ROUTES: Central / Far North / Central, North & Far North.
  • The third cheapest Maldives liveaboard, this beautiful wooden boat boasts a hot tub, kayaks and massage showers as well as a gorgeous dining hall and a huge sundeck.  ROUTES: Central / Central, South and Deep South. 
  • Princess Rani runs “extreme south” trips which explore the Maldive’s deep south, which has more big pelagic species than anywhere else in the country! ROUTES: Deep South / Central / Deep South, South, Central.
  • Emperor Serenity is the best option for beginners as all of her dive safaris feature many dive sites that are suitable for all levels of diver. Guests only require open water cert + no extra logged dives. ROUTES: Central.

QUICK COMPARISON: Cheap Maldives Liveaboards

Check Latest Price:Liveaboard: Defining Traits:Routes:
Click HereSoleil 2Yoga, Private Balcony, Spa, JacuzziCentral / South / Deep South
Click HereAmbaAmba yacht cruising along the sea.Cheapest, Stand-Up PaddleBoards, Pvt. TerracesCentral / North / Far North
Click HereNautilus TwoNautlius Two liveaboard at sea.Jacuzzi, Kayaks, Massage ShowersCentral / South / Deep South
Click HerePrincess RaniThe liveaboard of Princess Rani.Off Beaten Track, Deep South, Unique RoutesCentral / South / Deep South
Click HereEmperor SerenityBeginner Friendly, Dive Courses, SpaCentral

We’ve presented brutally honest reviews of the very best cheap Maldives liveaboards above. For our main page on Maldives liveaboards with other price-range option reviews and information for diving in the Maldives, click here. 

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