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  • Despite being the hands down cheapest Raja Ampat Liveaboard, Akomo Isseki has a beautiful interior, exciting activities and a unique itinerary route.
  • A traditionally handmade Phinisi vessel, Ilike is ideal for those in search of a digital detox at sea with an incredible sundeck, bar and a laid back vibe. It also offers longer trips. 
  • Epica is more like a backpacker hostel at sea than a liveaboard. With multiple land excursions, unique diving themes for each day and a hip lounge, it’s fast becoming the most popular cheap raja liveaboard.
  • The second cheapest of the best raja ampat budget liveaboards, Kira Kira’s itinerary includes kayaking, beach excursions, viewpoint treks and even a deserted beach BBQ. 
  • Taking up to 14 guests and with family cabin options, Mari has numerous social areas including 2 sundecks, a bar and an outdoor lounge. This makes it a great option for groups with non divers.

Cheap Raja Liveaboards - Quick Comparison

Get Best Price:Liveaboard: Great for:Longest Itinerary:Shortest Itinerary:
Click HereAkomo IssekiAkomo boat next to lush green islands.All time cheapest raja liveaboard, small groups, singles, unique diving routes.11 days9 days
Click HereIlikeilike against sunsetDigital detoxing, long trips, couples13 days9 days
Click HereEpicaEpica with guests on top waving.Singles, backpackers, short trips10 days7 days
Click HereKira KiraCouples, small groups, land adventures11 days9 days
Click HereMariSingles, long trips, short trips.14 days7 days

Low Price Raja Ampat Liveaboards

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