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The Best Egypt Liveaboards


Thoughts of Egypt usually conjure up images of past civilizations, pyramids, and deserts steeped in history.

But we here at diving squad are much more interested in what lies beneath the waves of the Red Sea just off Egypt’s coast, and how you can get there to see for yourself!

Your best option to enjoy scuba diving in the Red Sea is undoubtedly to join one of the many Egypt liveaboard dive boats in the region – but how are you supposed to pick which one?

That’s where we come in! We’ve put together this briefing to give you the low-down on what the Egypt liveaboard industry has to offer and whittle down the field to our top recommendations for your preferred trip options.

We’ve also given you the essential information for diving in the Red Sea, including the weather, water conditions, and, of course, the best time to dive in the Red Sea!

For those of you on a tight schedule, we’ve constructed the table below that compiles all the essential information in one place.

You can quickly see what your options are, and get your Egypt diving trip up and running in no time.

But for the rest of you squad mates out there who want the information, the whole information, and nothing but the information, read on!

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QUICK LOOK - The Best Egypt Liveaboards

Best ForLiveaboard Daily Cost (Euros)Max Guest Capacity MAIN Itinerary Length (Nights)No. Of Logged Dives RequiredMonths of OperationDestinations Check Best Price
OverallRed Sea Aggressor€ 140208 Days, 7 Nights0Feb – DecThe Brothers,
Daedalus Reef,
St. John’s,
BudgetAmelia Discovery€90208 Days, 7 Nights0All YearThe Brothers,
Daedalus Reef
LuxuryMY Odyssey€ 180268 Days, 7 Nights50May – NovDaedalus Reef,
The Brothers,
Ras Mohammed,
BeginnersVita Xplorer€ 93248 Days, 7 Nights0March – NovThe Brothers,
Ras Mohammed
Advanced DiversRoyal Evolution€ 137248 Days, 7 Nights50 July – NovThe Brothers,
Daedalus Reef,
Abu Nuhas
Short TripsKing Snefro 5€ 88104 Days, 3 Nights20All yearThistlegorm,
Ras Mohammed
Long TripsSea Wolf Dominator€ 13724A: 12 Days / 11 Nights
B: 15 Days / 14 Nights
20 – 50A: March – April
B: June – Nov
St. Johns,
Daedalus Reef,
The Brothers,
Groups with Non DiversAphrodite€ 141238 Days, 7 Nights0
(30 for those who want to dive)
Oct – AugThe Brothers,
St. John’s,

Egypt Liveaboard Reviews

BANNER 85 X 97 Logo 01

Diving Squad Presents:

Best Egypt Liveaboard Overall

Red Sea Aggressor

  • Visits The Brothers, Daedalus Reef and St.Johns Elphinstone 

  • € 140 a day.

  • 8 Day / 7 Night Trip

  • No Logged Dies Required

  • Operates February – December

Among all the Egypt liveaboard dive boats on the Red Sea, there is one that consistently checks off every item on our lists, and therefore ranks as the best overall liveaboard on this briefing – and that is the Red Sea Aggressor liveaboard.

From excellent accommodation, fantastic shipboard service and amenities to remarkable excursions beneath the waves, this liveaboard goes above and beyond.

You’ll first have to choose between a twin-bed cabin or a double bed master stateroom; both feature en-suite bathrooms, individually controlled air conditioning, and plenty of storage space in the included wardrobes.

Outside of the cabins, the crew prepares plenty of delicious western and local themed food for your enjoyment.

You can enjoy the indoor saloon or – if you need a little more sun – the outdoor sundeck; both of which are perfect for relaxing in-between dives!

And just as the Red Sea Aggressor provides exceptional experiences above the waves, your dives will be just as incredible under them!

You’ll discover the colorful reefs that comprise the two Brothers islands – Daedalus, and St. Johns – with their vibrant corals, gorgonian fans, sponges, and anemones.

But as you look closely, you’ll see that some of this colour is supplied by the resident schools of bright anthias that dart hither and yon, as well as the Red Sea Clownfish, wrasse, and dottybacks.

You may also have the opportunity to explore the fully submerged reef of Habili Ali at St. Johns and observe the exciting grey reef sharks that are often in the area looking for food – as well as a local pod of bottlenose dolphins!

So, for a very well-rounded Red Sea diving trip that will run like a well-oiled Rolls Royce, the Red Sea Aggressor is your port-of-call!

You’ll have plenty of shipboard amenities for a relaxing cruise around the Red Sea, where the food is divine, the lounging areas comfortable, and your cabin cozy.

As far as diving goes, you’ll see all the prime dive sites throughout the Red Sea, and explore everything they have to offer!

BANNER 85 X 97 Logo 01

Diving Squad Presents:

Best Egypt Liveaboard for Budget

Amelia Discovery

  • Visits the incredible reefs of Daedalus, Elphinstone, and the Brothers

  • €90/day

  • 8 Days/ 7 Nights

  • No Minimum logged dives required

  • Operates Year Round

Not all Egypt scuba diving excursions on the Red Sea need to end in a weeping bank account. You budget divers out there can rest easy knowing that the Amelia Discovery liveaboard offers one of the most affordable Egypt diving holidays, yet still manages to cover the spectacular diving experiences for which the Red Sea is famous!

Rest assured, your diving experiences in the Amelia Discovery liveaboard will not suffer one bit from the lower price as you discover brilliant gorgonian fans, sponges, anemones, and corals at The Brothers and Elphinstone reefs that in turn host a plethora of angelfish, colorful anthia, sweepers, and lurking eels.

The wreck special trip will also give you the chance to dive on one of the most phenomenal wrecks in the world, the Thistlegorm, and be blown away by its hold full of WWII trucks, equipment, and weapons that were in transit when the ship was attacked by enemy bombers.

The beautiful pelagic animals in the region will also not go unseen as you watch majestic turtles and mantas along with a grey and white tip reef sharks utilize the many currents in the area.

Your onboard accommodation will feature two twin beds or a double – depending on your choice – along with an en-suit bathroom and plenty of storage space for your gear!

You’ll also find individually controlled air conditioning and convenient reading lights that make for a relaxed and comfortable cabin experience!

The shipboard experience is further enhanced by the delicious combination of western and local style food that is prepared daily to keep your energy reserves high for diving; along with the bar lounge area and sundecks that are perfect for unwinding after a long day in the water.

It’s clear to us here at diving squad that a cheap Egypt liveaboard in no way shape or form means skimping on your Red Sea diving experience! The Amelia Discovery liveaboard proves this point conclusively as you visit the very best sites in the region, while enjoying a very comfortable onboard experience, and all without breaking the bank!

BANNER 85 X 97 Logo 01

Diving Squad Presents:

Best Egypt Liveaboard for Luxury

MY Odyssey

  • Visits Daedalus Reef, The Brothers and Ras Mohamed Park

  • € 159 a day

  • 8 Day / 7 Night Trip

  • 50 Logged Dives Required

  • Operates May – November

We firmly believe that the MY Odyssey liveaboard seamlessly blends a luxury cruising experience with the very best Red Sea diving in the region, easily making it – in our opinion – the best Egypt liveaboard for a little indulgence.

From the accommodation and the food to the onboard amenities and diving, you’ll find a relaxing yet exciting experience that will not leave you wanting!

You will know you’re in for a remarkable trip from the very moment you step into your cabin and admire the bright and spacious room; it will be set up with either a double or twin bed and includes plenty of storage space for your gear.

You will also be treated to your own en-suite bathroom and individually controlled air conditioning to keep the cabin at just the right temperature for you.

The plush and modern furnishings are the last piece to complete the feel of a luxury resort that you’d expect to find on dry land, but you have the added benefit of having the breathtaking Red Sea right outside your door!

In addition to the spectacular views outside your door, you also have all the amenities you’d expect for a well-rounded luxury experience, starting with the restaurant.

You will be served deliciously prepared western style food alongside many mouth-watering local dishes that will give you all the energy you need to enjoy your diving escapades.

But what the Odyssey liveaboard provides in energy for diving, they also offer in relaxation services for those post-diving crashes, in the form of a lounge and bar, a large sundeck plus hot tub, and an outdoor lounge populated by sofas and beanbags.

The diving escapades we mentioned earlier are just as breathtaking as the ship. You will ogle at the massive pelagic fish that so often make use of the plentiful currents around Daedalus Reef and The Brothers Islands.

You’ll likely see white tip and grey reef sharks en-masse, along with manta rays, sea turtles, and prowling schools of barracuda looking for unwary prey.

But if you prefer color, don’t fret! The beauty and vibrancy of Ras Mohammed national park’s reefs is unrivaled; you’ll get your fair dose at Shark and Yolanda reefs as you drift between two beautiful peaks and examine the corals that now call the Yolanda wreck home.

The Odyssey liveaboard scores high marks in every category of shipboard comfort and amenities which, when combined with the unforgettable diving, easily makes it one of the best Egypt diving holidays on the Red Sea.

If you are searching for a deluxe diving experience, look no further!

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Diving Squad Presents:

Best Egypt Liveaboard for Beginners

Vita Xplorer

  • Visits the Brothers, Elphinstone and Ras Mohammad Park.

  • € 93 a day. 

  • 8 Day, 7 Night Trip

  • No Logged Dives Required

  • Operates March – November

You don’t need to be a grizzled veteran of the undersea world in order to enjoy the incredible sights that the Red Sea has to offer! The Vita Xplorer liveaboard, operated by Aquarius Diving Club, offers one of the perfect avenues for beginners to slide into the ocean and hone their diving skills at the same time!

First off, if you’ve already taken your first few steps into diving with an open water certification, the Vita Xplorer has multiple itineraries that are perfect for beginners and have no minimum number of dives required to join the trip. If, however, you are brand new to the world – or subsea world, in this case – of scuba diving, you still have options!

The Aquarius Diving Club manages several diving centers throughout Egypt, where you can easily crank out your coursework and confined pool sessions before departure, and then jump on the liveaboard to put your newfound skills to use!

Or you can participate in the PADI referral program, where you can complete your coursework at your convenience at home, then complete your open water dives in the beautiful Red Sea!

You’re sure to fall in love with your newfound hobby as soon as you clap eyes on some of the breathtaking sights under the Red Sea that the Vita Xplorer will share with you!

The Brothers and Elphinstone reefs will provide incredible coral views along with their triggerfish, anthia, and angelfish residents, as white tip and grey reef sharks ply the nearby currents.

Your wildlife sighting list will also increase exponentially as you drift through Ras Mohammed National Park, where tune, barracuda, and hammerheads can often be spotted amongst the brilliant spires that mark Yolanda and Shark reefs.

You could potentially also attempt your first wreck dive on the Numidia at The Brothers, and see what over 100 years in an ocean embrace will do to a wooden-hulled transport vessel. Or dive the Yolanda and view a plethora of British standard toilets and bathtubs from the 1970s.

Outside of the diving aspect, you’ll find that the Vita Xplorer’s 2015 renovation certainly paid off, with 12 very comfortable cabins all featuring en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning, varying in size from twins to doubles.

Each cabin also features its very own mini-bar to make it as easy as possible for you to unwind after a long day in the water. The onboard food is exceptionally conducive to that point; local and western style food is served to give you a taste of red sea cuisine while ensuring you have plenty of energy for all your adventures!

The three different onboard sundecks are the perfect spot for you to relax and appreciate all the beauty that the Red Sea offers while allowing you to work on your tan at the same time!

You’ll have the air-conditioned lounge area as a possible refuge between dives, where you can kick back in one of the lounge chairs, enjoy a book, watch a movie, or just chat with other guests and prepare your diving plan for the next day!

We highly recommend the Vita Xplorer as one of the few Egypt liveaboard dive boats where you can brush off old diving skills if needed, or even start from scratch! So, take the plunge, commit to diving, and discover the Red Sea’s secrets!

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Diving Squad Presents:

Best Egypt Liveaboard for Advanced Divers

Use image of featured liveaboard (from outside). Width: 500 X

Royal Evolution

  • Visits The Brothers, Daedalus Reef and Abu Nuhas

  • € 137 a day. 

  • 8 Day / 7 Night Trip

  • 50 Logged Dives Required

  • Operates July – November

If the ocean holds no secrets for you and you’d like to find an Egypt scuba diving experience to match your skills, look no further than the Royal Evolution liveaboard.

This ship was custom built with diving, and only diving, in mind. It is therefore superbly furnished to facilitate superior dive operations, and suitably technical diving to match!

You’ll have the chance to tackle the stiff currents that abound near The Brothers and Daedalus reefs and be rewarded for your efforts by spotting the hammerheads, mantas, and reef sharks that utilize those same currents in search of food.

Or you can sign on to the Royal Evolution’s wreck specific trip and explore pieces of Red Sea’s history that have sunk ship by ship into the annuls of history. These include the famous wrecks at Abu Nuhas, where the Carnatic has the most prestige as one of the oldest recorded wrecks in the Red Sea; it sank in 1869 loaded with gold.

But don’t get your hopes up! The gold was recovered soon after the accident. You will also have the chance to visit the Numidia wreck at The Brothers – yet another British transport that sank back in 1901.

In between all your epic diving trips, you’ll find your cabin ideally suited for relaxing or catching a few Zs. All the cabins are very spacious, in either twin or double form, with excellent storage space and even a desk! You’ll be treated to en-suite bathrooms, individual air conditioning, and a TV to complete the ensemble.

When you venture outside your cabin, you’ll find a well-endowed dining room featuring both western and local dishes that are sure to keep your energy levels high for all your diving escapades.

When it’s time for relaxation, you’ll find the spacious sundeck, hot tub, and lounge area to all be ideal options!

With fantastic and sometimes challenging diving, often focusing on wrecks, it’s no wonder that the Royal Evolution Liveaboard requires 50 minimum dives in order to join a diving expedition, making it the ideal option for you experienced divers out there!

This, combined with very comfortable cabins and a ship brimming with excellent food and amenities, easily makes it the best Egypt liveaboard for veteran divers.

BANNER 85 X 97 Logo 01

Diving Squad Presents:

Best Egypt Liveaboard for Short Trips

King Snefro 5

  • Visits Thistlegorm and Ras Mohammad park

  • €88 a day.

  • 4 Day / 3 Night Trip

  • 20 Logged Dives Required

  • Operates Year Round

It breaks our hearts here at diving squad, but we know that many of our squad mates out there are on a tight budget as far as time is concerned, and are forced to cut their diving escapades short a little.

If that’s the case, don’t fret! There are Egypt liveaboard dive boats that offer shorter itineraries. One such ship that stands out to us is the King Snefro 5 liveaboard.

This particular liveaboard specializes in shorter four-day trips that will show you a whirlwind of Red Sea scuba diving, but still manage to cover the very best the region has to offer and leave you speechless after every dive! Shark and Yolanda reefs at the Ras Mohammed, in particular, accomplish this goal.

Two majestic peaks soar up from the seafloor and allow you to marvel at their colorful coral formations and resident anthias.

You’ll get fantastic views of larger reef sharks, hammerheads, and tuna as you cross the distance between the two reefs, finishing with a wreck dive on Yolanda itself, where you’ll find a British transport that sunk in the 1970s while transporting toilets and bathtubs.

Speaking of wrecks, you will see the famous WWII Thistlegorm that was sunk while carrying war supplies for the Allies; to this day, it retains its hold full of jeeps, weapons, and equipment.

Apart from your diving, you’ll be able to enjoy the regional and western food that the local chefs will continually produce throughout your trip.

You will have plenty of opportunities to relax in either the saloon or sun deck area and appreciate the extreme beauty of the Red Sea as the King Snefro 5 Liveaboard takes you from one dive site to the next.

You will, of course, have the option to just relax in your cabin that will include two twin beds and air-conditioning.

For a quick, but no less stunning, opportunity to dive on the wonders of the Red Sea, the King Snefro 5 liveaboard is waiting for you!

Experience the beauty of Egypt’s corals and intrigue that swirls around their wrecks in just four days, and be back home before the end of the week – if that is the unfortunate reality of your schedule.

BANNER 85 X 97 Logo 01

Diving Squad Presents:

Best Egypt Liveaboard for Long Trips

Seawolf Dominator

  • Visits St.Johns, Daedalus, The Brothers and Elphinstone

  • € 137 a Day

  • Three Trips: A) 8 Days/ 7 Nights, B) 12 Days/ 11 Nights, C) 15 Days / 14 Nights

  • 20 – 50 Logged Dives Required 

  • Months of Operation

If you are lucky enough to be unconstrained by time for your Egypt scuba diving trip, then the Seawolf Dominator liveaboard may be the perfect option to explore everything the red sea has to offer – both above and below the waves – with a comfortably long 12- or 15-day trip.

This extended itinerary will give you ample time to fully appreciate all the wonders of the region, while also enjoying all the shipboard amenities that the Seawolf Dominator has to offer.

The amenities start taking form in the 12 different cabins – twins or doubles – that all feature their own mini-bar, individual air conditioning, and en-suite bathrooms for a very comfortable base of operations for your extended stay on the Red Sea.

Outside of your accommodation, the ship’s amenities continue to impress, as you are treated to a plethora of local foods in the beautifully decorated dining room.

After meals, enjoy a relaxing sprawl in either the lounge or sundeck areas and swap stories with your fellow divers before you once again back roll into the Red Sea!

And take it from us; the sights under the waves after that back roll are just as breathtaking as the ship itself!

You’ll explore the incredible reefs that comprise St. Johns in the far south, and see for yourself the reason behind the Red Sea’s reputation for vibrant reef life as you take in the beautiful anemones, corals, fans, and sponges that easily dazzle with their colour and resident fish life!

Habili Ali captures all this and more, as you drift over the submerged reef admiring the triggerfish, anthia, and snappers that dart here and there.

Don’t forget to look up too and catch a glimpse of the large grey reef sharks, manta rays, and bottlenose dolphins that may be in the area!

These reef wonders will be repeated at Daedalus and Elphinstone reefs, as well as a chance to visit the wooden Numidia shipwreck at The Brothers that struck in 1901.

With a whole 12 or 15 days – depending on the itinerary – to explore the wonders of the Red Sea, we are confident that the Seawolf Dominator is the best Egypt liveaboard for you divers out there with time to spare.

So, go ahead, put those extra days to use and enjoy Egypt’s diving to its full extent!

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Diving Squad Presents:

Best Egypt Liveaboard for Groups W. Non-Divers


  • Visits The Brothers, Elphinstone, St. Johns and Thistlegorm

  • € 141 a Day.

  • 8 Day / 7 Night Trip

  • 30 Logged Dives Required

  • Operates October – August

We know it may be a shock to our fellow dive squad members, but there are some folks out there who may not be as hooked on diving as we are. They may nevertheless be very excited about an Egypt liveaboard trip; luckily for them, we have the perfect option for groups with non-divers!

The Aphrodite liveaboard places particular emphasis on giving guests plenty of onboard relaxation options apart from the diving, making it an ideal choice for simply cruising the Red Sea and enjoying your holiday!

If those non-divers out there are looking to enjoy their Red Sea experience in style, they won’t be disappointed by the Aphrodite’s three sundecks and spacious lounge area, complete with bar and complimentary internet.

But if you are prepared for a few of your own Red Sea surfaced-based adventures, then the Aphrodite had you in mind when they stocked onboard kayaks and stand-up-paddleboards for renting, along with snorkeling gear, and a glass-bottomed boat for some unforgettable side cruises!

This ship can also accommodate water skiing and wakeboarding if you need an additional thrill!

In terms of shipboard living, you’ll have your pick of 11 different cabins that range in size from twin and double to king – and even one family cabin!

Each cabin has individual air-conditioning along with en-suite bathrooms for a wonderfully comfortable refuge from regular ship goings-on if you so choose. The included mini-bar makes sure this refuge is well stocked!

You’ll find the western-style food to be plentiful and scrumptious, served buffet style, and the crew will often try to include a shore-based BBQ on your trip as well!

For the divers in your group, the Aphrodite liveaboard still provides an unforgettable experience! You’ll have the chance to explore the vibrant reef life that defines Red Sea diving, as you admire the majestic gorgonian fans, coral, and anemones that comprise the Daedalus, Brothers, and Elphinstone reefs.

You can also sharpen your tech diving skills in the breath-taking caverns and tunnels that make up St. Johns reef in the far south. Or perhaps you’d like to explore the world-famous Thistlegorm WWII transport wreck that still retains its jaw-dropping shipment of vehicles and weapons that will never reach its destination.

We therefore wholeheartedly recommend the Aphrodite liveaboard to any and all of our diving squad mates who may be traveling with a few non-divers on their trip.

From shipboard lounging and cruising to ocean-based activities and adventures, the Aphrodite certainly has all the bases covered, and offers phenomenal diving to boot!

Egypt Liveaboards - What You Need to Know

Diving Insurance – It’s absolutely essential that you’re covered by proper diving insurance before you start your liveaboard adventure.  Find out more. 

Scuba Gear – You’ll need to either bring along your own scuba gear or rent it from the liveaboard for an additional fee. 

Find out more. 

Liveaboard Packing List – To ensure an enjoyable and comfortable trip, there are several must bring items. Find out more. 


Diving Season in Egypt – Although you can. dive in the Red Sea Year round, certain times of year, present different diving experience and opportunities . Find out more.  

Weather in Egypt – Egypt experiences a wide range of ambient temperatures throughout the year. It is most famous for the dry heat that blankets the region during the summer months – from April to October – when the temps are often around 80-90°F.

During winter, however, these temperatures will fall to the very comfortable 60s and 70s. Rainfall is fairly minimal throughout the year, so that shouldn’t affect your plans too much!

Diving Conditions in Egypt – You’ll find beautifully warm water during the summer months – June to October – that will be in the upper 70s and low 80s.

Temperatures will dip in the winter months to around 65-75°F, so be sure to bring proper protection if this is your chosen timeframe!

Many of the reefs in the area sport powerful currents that can be very strong at times, so be sure to mind your dive masters and take care of yourselves!

Water Visibility in Egypt –The Red Sea is lucky enough to have excellent visibility year-round, which tends to peak in the winter from December to February with visibility up to 130ft or so.

The seasonal plankton blooms in May will lower this down to perhaps 65ft or less in some locations, but you may just catch sight of a whale shark during that time!

National park fees – Briefly sum up in one or two sentences

Diving Insurance in Egypt

SPLASH! It’s important to remember that scuba diving is an extreme sport. Accidents can happen. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble.

What’s more, because diving can take you all around the world, it’s absolutely essential you make sure you are properly covered by the best scuba diving insurance before leaving your home country.

We recommend going with Dive Assure. Why?

  • Unbeatable prices.


  • They offer both short term and long term insurance.


  • Cover loss of diving equipment, emergency medical and evacuation expenses and flight/accommodation costs following injury.

Squad Inventory - Scuba Gear

Ok Squad! Here’s the deal. Scuba Diving requires a ton of gear. This should come as no real surprise, considering that the very nature of this sport is to breathe underwater – the exact opposite of what us humans are evolved to do! 

When you go on your liveaboard adventure, you have two options on the gear front:

  1. You can either rent the gear, at an additional cost, per piece. This generally costs around $25 for a full equipment rental per day (exact prices provided in the liveaboard links).

  2. Or you can buy and bring along some or all of your own scuba gear. This comes with two distinct advantages:
  • You get scuba gear that perfectly fits you and suits your tastes, budget and style. And hasn’t been peed in.


  • You will never again have to pay to rent scuba equipment! Think about all the diving you have ahead of you. Ultimately this can save a lot of money.


Below is a full listing and description of the entire inventory required to scuba dive. Let’s jump right in:

Diving Mask – Full Face Snorkel Masks are taking the world by storm but they can’t withstand pressure beyond several meters depth.  For diving you need an old school dive mask.

BCD – A BCD is the jacket divers wear to maintain optimum buoyancy, which they can adjust by operating the inflate and deflate buttons. This makes sure they neither sink to the bottom nor rise to the top of the water! As well as this, the BCD holds the divers regulator(s), dive gauge and air tank.

Regulator / Octopus – The regulator reduces pressurised breathing oxygen to ambient pressure and delivers it to the diver through a mouth piece. Remember, you need two – one for you and a spare for a buddy in case of emergencies!

Diving Torch – Absolutely essential for Deep Dives and Night Dives. So you can…you know – see. Bioluminescent plankton anyone? 

Scuba Tank – This contains the pressurised breathing gas – i.e. oxygen, that you will be breathing underwater (after it’s been reduced to ambient pressure by the regulator). Pretty essential right? 

Scuba Weight Belt – A diving weight belt assists with maintaining optimum buoyancy, by stopping divers from floating to the top of the water. How much weight you take will depend on your build, weight and diving ability.

Dive Computer – The Dive Computer is used to measure the time and depth of a dive. In doing so, it calculates a safe ascent profile, vital for avoiding decompression sickness. 

Dive Gauge – Essential for keeping track of your air consumption and the depth at which you are diving. The best ones also feature compasses and can read the water temperature (useful for bragging rights when you go on extremely cold dives!).

Scuba Fins – Fins greatly reduce water resistance when swimming and thus help to conserve energy and swim faster / against currents. They also allow you to unleash your inner mermaid/man. 

Dive Boots Designed to be worn under your fins, dive boots prevent rubbing and skin irritation from said fins – whilst also keeping your feet toasty and warm. 

Wetsuit – Crucial for keeping you warm. Even in hot countries, when you dive deep, it gets cold. Which one you pick will depend on the climate of where you’re diving. 

Ultimate Combo Package Whew! That’s a lot of gear we’ve covered. If you don’t yet have any scuba gear and want to bulk buy at great quality and value, this is the number one scuba starter pack out there.  

Egypt Liveaboard Packing List

Whether you decide to rent scuba gear or buy  your own, there are some essential items that won’t be provided for you. You would not want to go on your liveaboard adventure without: 

Reef Safe Sunscreen It’s a little known fact that some sunscreens contain products that are highly toxic to coral reefs. Dive responsibly, avoid burning to a crisp and use eco friendly sunscreen. 

Reef Safe Body Wash and Shampoo – Many brands of body wash and shampoo also contain chemicals that are toxic to coral reef and fish. Dive responsibility whilst still not smelling like a Dead Whale.

Diving Camera –  Any normal camera will break if taken diving – even if it’s waterproof it won’t be able to withstand high depth pressure and the focus will not be designed for underwater photography. To share your diving adventures with the world, make sure you have a proper scuba diving camera.   

Full Face Snorkel Mask – In between dives, you’ll get countless snorkelling opportunities on your liveaboard trip. For snorkelling, it’s much better to utilise a full face snorkel mask for maximum comfort and 180 viewing! The best ones have an attachment mount for GoPros. 

Reusable Water Bottle Having a durable, reusable and recyclable water bottle that’ll keep liquids cold is essential for both eco awareness and hydration = scuba success! We love the TankH2O – It is all of those things and looks like a scuba tank!

Microfibre Towel Essential for getting all those bits of ocean off you. Microfibre towels are compact, dry quickly and lightweight. To look like a ninja of the sea, wrap around face. 


diving squad title 300

Backpack of Choice

After trying and testing an ocean of backpacks, we’ve come to the coralusion that the Dometool Waterproof Dry Backpack is the number one backpack for divers! Why? Well:

  • It’s completely waterproof and also floats.

  • Front zip pocket for easy access, waterproof storage of your phone, wallet, etc. 

  • Equipment ring at one side, water bottle bag at the other. 

  • PVC tarpaulin materials = resistent to tearing, corrosion and aging.

Diving Season in Egypt

December-February– This is the perfect time to escape winter temperatures in other parts of the world, enjoy superior visibility, and avoid the scalding heat of the Egyptian summer. Remember, however, that water temperatures can be quite chilly here too!


March-April: This is an ideal in-between time to visit the Red Sea; the water is beginning to warm up for summer, but the air temperature has not become unbearable yet.


May-July: Plankton blooms attract all kinds of large animals during this time, including the majestic whale shark. Remember that these blooms can also decrease visibility, but the wildlife in the area may be well worth it. The time also marks the beginning of the manta ray season that will last through the summer.


July-December: This period covers the extreme summer heat of Egypt that can be a little stifling out of the water, but the sea itself will be nice and warm for very comfortable diving.

Egypt Liveaboard Destinations

The Brothers

Both islands provide ample opportunity to view large pelagic fish, as grey and white tip reef sharks prowl amongst the stunning coral and gorgonian fans that comprise much of the reef and nearby walls; hammerheads are also not an uncommon sight.

Big brother island is home to its fair share of wrecks, which include the Numidia and Aida, for those looking for a little intrigue. Finally, the area is awash in stunning fish schools, including dogtooth tuna, barracuda, sweepers, and anthias.

Numidia  – Located at Big Brother Island, the Numidia is a wooden-hulled British transport ship that sank in 1901 while carrying supplies to India.

The highest portion of this wreck – the bow – lies in just 25ft of water, making it a very easy dive, but be careful not to let your curiosity get the better of you; many other sections of the ship lie in much deeper water that requires advanced training.

The corals that have colonized the wreck add a splash of color to the metal frame, and diving into the long-lost cabins is an exhilarating experience!

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This is a lonely reef located some 50 miles offshore that is lucky enough to boast marine park status.

The reef itself is a candy store of beautiful corals, anemones, and gorgonian fans, through which Red Sea clownfish, moray eels, dottybacks, and wrasse can easily be spotted.

The prevalence of currents in the area, while making the diving a little more challenging, also creates the perfect environment to spot sizeable pelagic fish like reef sharks, hammerheads, and mantas, who flock to the area to feed.

Oceanic Whitetip Shark at Daedalus

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Beautiful Coral Wall at Elphinstone Reef

This is yet another one of the reefs for which the Red Sea is famous; it certainly upholds the mantel of the region’s beauty very well.

This diving area is typically divided into the northern and southern plateaus; both offer stunning views of beautifully intricate corals, gorgonian fans, sea whips, and sponges – the colors of which are brilliantly complemented by the schools of anthias that dart here and there.

You’ll also find triggerfish, angelfish, and lurking barracudas, along with a few much larger visitors in the form of white tip reef sharks and the occasional hammerhead.

Picasso Triggerfish over Elphinstone Reef

St. Johns Reef

St.Johns Reef is riddled with tunnels and caves awaiting your exploration.

This diving area is about as far south as most liveaboards venture, and is often claimed to be the epitome of phenomenal Red Sea adventures!

The entire area is comprised of several different reefs that flaunt their intense coral formations and color but look closely, and you’ll find several small caverns and tunnels that are ripe for exploring!

Large pelagic fish are also prevalent; you will catch sight of thresher and reef sharks aplenty, along with barracuda, manta rays, and perhaps even a pod of bottlenose dolphins!

Soft Corals adorn the many caves and tunnels of St. Johns Reef

Habili Ali – Out of all the reefs that make up St. John’s, Habili Ali is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular.

The entirely submerged reef offers beautiful corals, sponges, and gorgonian fans on the walls and ridges that are abundant in the area.

Look closely at these walls, and you may even discover a cavern or two that will almost certainly deserve closer inspection!

The reef also attracts its fair share of more massive pelagic visitors in the form of grey reef sharks, mantas, and bottlenose dolphins.

Ras Mohammed

Ras Mohammed National Marine Park

Diving into the Ras Mohammed National Park also means you’re swimming through a piece of history; the park was Egypt’s very first national park established in 1983.

The area on the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula is famous for impressive walls that seem to drop straight down into the ocean’s depths, along with beautifully healthy reefs and their accompanying entourage of wrasse, anthia, and jackfish that are always present.

Larger pelagic fish are also very common sights, as reef sharks, hammerheads, massive tuna, and barracuda make their way through the reefs looking for food.

The top dive site in this region is undoubtedly Shark and Yolanda reefs, where any liveaboard worth their salt will be sure to visit if they’re in the area!

Butterfly fish and beautiful Soft Corals await you at Ras Mohammed

Thistlegorm – The Thistlegorm is perhaps the most famous wreck dive in the world and is well worth a visit on your Egypt diving holiday! German bombs sank the WWII cargo ship in October of 1941, and its entire cargo of arms and supplies for the war effort went down with it.

Today, however, its cargo holds are a wreck diver’s dream; you can explore the trucks, armoured vehicles, weapons, and a plethora of other war supplies that are still waiting for delivery under the waves.


Shark and Yolanda Reefs – One of the most spectacular dives at Ras Mohammed National Park is undoubtedly Shark and Yolanda Reefs.

The reefs are marked by two massive peaks that rise from the ocean floor and are encrusted with a host of corals and gorgonian fans.

As you drift between the two, you’ll spot large pelagic fish that inhabit the region, such as grey sharks, gigantic tuna, and hammerheads.

At Yolanda reef, you’ll be able to dive on the wreck that shares its name and features a 1970s British transport that was laden with toilets and bathtubs, which certainly make for some exciting diving photos!

Crocodile Fish resting on the bottom near the Yolanda Wreck

Abu Nuhas Reef

The Carnatic Wreck sank in 1869, loaded with precious gold and wine...

This reef, just off Shadwan Island, seems to have drawn more than its fair share of ships into a final watery embrace over the years.

There are five cargo shipwrecks strewn across this reef, making it a favorite destination for Egypt liveaboard dive boats looking for a wreck intensive trip.

The ships include the Greek Seastar, the Chrisoula K (also Greek, sank in 1981), the Kimon M (German ship, sank in 1978), the Ghiannis D (Japanese ship, sank in 1983), and the famous Carnatic, a British ship which sank in 1869 with a full load of gold and wine – quickly recovered after the wreck.

Blue Spotted Sting Ray rests at the bottom near one of the wrecks.

Diving Squad Debriefing

And there you go squad mates! We’ve covered the very best Egypt liveaboards, from budget to luxury; beginner to experienced; shorter to longer itineraries; and then some extras to make sure you’ll find the one liveaboard experience that best suits you.

This knowledge combined with Red Sea diving seasons, conditions, and weather makes you a force to be reckoned with for Egypt diving adventures. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your Egypt liveaboard and get your scuba trip rolling, or diving in this case!

Have fun and stay safe, eh?

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